KD Smart Chair

The KD Smart Chair has a unique aesthetic look to it that is different from the other models on the market.  It is still light weight and fold-able, but it lacks a few key features.  It does have a simple to use folding mechanism where you push together two plastic pieces that start the folding action.  But, you have to spin the arms counter clock wise before you start the folding, otherwise they will get stuck.  The Smart Chair does not stand up on it’s rear wheels, which actually when you think about it, is not very smart.

On the KD Smart Chair website, the seller claims that the lithium battery can travel up to 15 miles, but that is just not possible.  We’d like to see third party laboratory testing back up this claim, but we are unable to find such information.  In their user manual, provided by the manufacturer, it clearly states that the distance rating is actually 9.3 miles.

Furthermore, we also see that KD Smart Chair claims that their seat is removable, but in our testing, we actually see that the chair is riveted on to the frame and there is no zipper to open the seat to remove the internal cushion.  Therefore, the seat is not actually removable.

We also see on the website that the claim is that the chair can support passengers weighing up to 265 pounds, which again is not true because the product user manual states it is only 250 pounds.  It’s noteworthy to point out that the 265 pound rating is 1 pound higher than what the Portashopper, Foldawheel and EZ Lite Cruiser standard model are rated for.  We feel that KD Smart Chair is deceiving consumers by claiming that their chair can support a higher weight capacity, albeit by a negligible amount that really means nothing. Anyone with common sense can see they are just trying to ‘one up’ their competition but it is futile.  As you can see from their pictures, overloading their small 6″ front caster wheels can be problematic and cause those wheels to break if too much load is applied.  A quality folding power wheelchair will utilize at least a 7″ wide and 2″ thick front wheels for added support.

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